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The program aims at enhancing mutual understanding between Asian countries and Japan through promoting research projects in the field of the social sciences or humanities that are related to Japan.

A.) Areas of Research
Any research project to be carried out by individual or a group in the field of the social sciences or humanities that is related to Japan.

(i) The following projects are not eligible:


  • Research projects for profit making or those conceivable conducive to profit making.
  • Contracted research projects for a third party.
  • Research projects which have been already substantially completed.


(ii) This grant is not a scholarship, a fellowship or a grant for publication of research results alone.


B.) Type of Research
Individual or collaborative research


C.) Qualifications of Applicant
The applicant must:

  • be a researcher Asian (non Japanese) nationality (For fiscal 2014, priority is given to East and Southeast Asian nationals);
  • be living outside Japan during the grant period in item II.C. (Please do not apply if you intend to stay in Japan for more than six month during the grant period as a student, visiting professor, etc.); and
  • take personal responsibilities for conducting the proposed research project.



Please note that the above conditions are applied to the applicant of the collaborative research as well.


D.) Grant Amount for Each Project


  • ¥0.3 - ¥1.2 million



E.) Grant Period

One year (April 2015 through March 2016), but can be extended by another 6 months maximum if required


F.) Procedure for Application
Application Guide, Instruction Sheet for Application Form and application forms can be found on The Sumitomo Foundation website:


All application will be recommended by MOR Directors before submission to The Sumitomo Foundation by RIO



1)      Opening Date of Applications - 1 Sept 2014
2)      Submission to RIO (softcopy) - 30 Sept 2014
3)      Application reviewed by MORPEC - 1-10 October 2014
4)      Amendment by Applicants: 13 -16 October 2014
5)      Submission to RIO (Hardcopy) - 17 October 2014 *completed and revised version
6)      RIO Consolidation and submission to Sumitomo Japan - 20 Oct 2014
7)      Closing Date of Applications to Sumitomo Japan - 31 Oct 2014


For details, kindly click on the link below:


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