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1 Dr Shuhaimi Mahadzir A Thermodynamic Study in Fundamental Distillation Process for Energy Minimization
2 Dr Chong Fai Kait Development of Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production from Sea Water
3 Ir Dr Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman Development of a Medium-Scale Downdraft Gasifier for Generation of Biomass Gas and Electrical Power Using Oil Palm  Fronds
4 Dr Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam Sliding Window Based Higher Order Neural Network Training Algorithms for Correlated and Irregular Sampled Input Data
5 Dr Mohd Fadzil Hassan Automated Testing and Monitoring Framework for the Quality Assurance of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Applications in Enterprise Organizations
6 Assoc Prof Dr Azween Abdullah Foundations for a Self-Organizing Services-Oriented Architecture in Computational Engineering and Bioinformatics Research
7 Assoc Prof Dr A Rashid A Aziz Experimental Investigation of Free Linear Generator Engine under Part/Full Load Operation
8 Assoc Prof Dr Noorhana Yahya Novel Carbon Nano Fibers EM Transmitter in Conducting Medium
9 Assoc Prof Dr M Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib Synthesis, Characterization and Solubility of Novel and Practical Ionic Liquid for Effective CO2 Separation from Natural Gas
10 Dr Suziah Sulaiman Framework for Visual and Haptic Textures Match for Realistic Representation of a Surface Material
11 Dr Dayang Rohaya Awang Rambli A Design Framework for Flashcard-Based Guided Digital Storytelling
12 Dr Halabi Hasbullah Child Tracking: A Reliable and Efficient Silent-Alarm Message Forwarding Scheme in VANET
13 Dr Rohiza Ahmad Real Time Access Control Assignment for Accessing Sharable Data Repository
14 Khor Cheng Seong Optimal Novel Theoretical design of Integrated Petroleum Refinery Water Network System with Fundamental Investigation for Incorporating Opportunities for Water Reuse
15 Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad Haniff 2D Modeling of Frequency-Domian Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Data Using Finite Element Method
16 Assoc Prof Dr Balbir Singh a/l  Mahinder Singh Development of Hybrid Integrated Renewable Electricity Generating System (H-iRElect)
17 Dr Sumathi Renganathan Re-Engineering Educational Outcomes for Orang Asli Children: A Holistic Perspective of Their Learning Experience
18 Assoc Prof Dr Anita Ramli Development of Modfified Mesoporous Molecular Sieves (MMS) for Reclaimation of Liquid Fuels from Feedstock Recycling of Plastic Wastes
19 Dr Khalik Mohamad Sabil Fundamental Study on Pseudo-Retrograde Behaviour for Mixed Clathrade Hydrate Systems
20 Assoc Prof Dr Noor Asmawati M Zabidi Synthesis and Characterization of Iron-Cobalt Bimetallic Nanocatalysts for Production of Synthetic Fuels
21 Assoc Prof Dr Cecilia Devi Wilfred Synthesis of Novel Green Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - Ionic Liquids (APIs - ILs)
22 Prof Dr Kurian V John Floatover Installation Method for Typical Malaysian Locations
23 Dr Ahmad Majdi Abdul Rani Fundamental Analysis on Benefits of Novel-Modified Copper Tungsten Electrode by Using Mechanical Alloying Technique
24 Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Azmuddin Abdullah Identification and manipulation of Key Enzymes in Microalgal Lipid Biosynthetic and Metabollic Pathways for Enhanced Biodiesel Production
25 Assoc Prof Dr M Azmi Bustam @ Khalil Study of the Types of Interaction in Binary and Ternary Systems Containing Ionic Liquids, Aromatic and Non-Aromatic Hydrocarbons
26 Dr Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin Modeling of a Novel Network-on-Chip Interconnect Architecture Based On Neural Network for Complex System-on-Chip
27 Dr Noohul Basheer Zain Ali Feasibility Investigation of Fault Diagnosis by Time-Spatial Electromagnetic Analysis of Nanoscale Integrated Circuits
28 Assoc Prof Dr Irraivan Elamvazuthi Theoretical Framework of Surface Electromyogram (EMG) Characterizations of Neuromuscular Activation
29 Assoc Prof Dr Othman Mamat Indigenous Process for Transforming Natural Silica Sand into Silica Sand Nanoparticles
30 Dr Vu Trieu Minh A New Predictive Control Model for Parallel Hybrid Vehicle
31 Dr Jafreezal Jaafar New Forecasting Algorithm Using Type-2 Fuzzy Multivariate Time Series
32 Chin Yee Sing Novel Approach for Energy Recovery of the Wasted Flue Gases by Solar-Flue  Chimney
33 Dr Suriati Sufian Synthesis of Hydrotalcite-Derived Reduced Mixed Oxides as Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials
34 Dr Wong Peng Wen Theoretical Scattering parameter Model for Novel Miniaturized Tripple-Mode Microwave Resonator
35 Dr Likun Xia A Novel Self-Tuning Algorithm for Nonlinear Behavioural Model
36 Prof Dr Alan Oxley Computer Algorithm for a Fundamental Problem in Bioinformatics: The "Protein Loop Closure" Problem
37 Assoc Prof Dr Suzana Yusup Synthesis, Characterization and Rheological Study of Novel Biodegradable Drilling Fluid from Polyol Esters of Jatropha
38 Assoc Prof Dr Faiz Ahmad A New Intumescent Fire Retardant Material Based On Expandable Graphite and Local Inorganic Fillers
39 Assoc Prof Dr Zakaria Man Dissolution Kinetics of Lignocellulosic in Novel Ionic Liquids
40 Dr Aamir Saeed Malik Investigation of Signal Processing Approach for Low Back Pain Analysis Using Fatigue Loading
41 Dr John Ojur Dennis Theoretical Modeling and Simulation of the Effect of a Microhotplate on the Frequency Shift of a Mass-Sensitive Resonant Micro-Cantilever
42 Hanita Daud Spline Interpolation as a New Technique to Enhance Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Data Processing
43 Assoc Prof Dr Eswaran Padmanabhan Impact of Spatial Variability of Fundamental Rock Fabric Characteristics on the Thermal Conductivity of Some Sedimentary Rocks in North West Borneo
44 Prof Dr Malay Chaudhuri Immobilisation of Arsenic on Rice Husk Silica
45 Assoc Prof Dr Shamsul Rahman M Kutty Fundamental Study on Heavy Metals and Suspended Solids Removal Using Groundwater Treatment Plant Sludge (GWTPS)
46 Dr Alan G Downe Creating a Structural Equation Model of Team Leader Competencies in High Performance Customer Service Environments
47 Dr Maizatul Shima Shaharun Synthesis of Novel Carbon Nanofiber-Sipported Cu/Zr02 Catalyst for One-Pot Synthesis of Methanol Forms Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen
48 Dr Satirenjit Kaur Johl Towards a New Data Mining Theory in Measuring Corporate Governance Practices Holistically in Malaysia
49 Dr Lee Yen Cheong Theoretical Investigation of the Spontaneous Emission of Gravitons in de Sitter Expanding Universe in the Interaction Picture
50 Assoc Prof Dr Nasiman Sapari Mechanism of Leachate Attenuation in a Novel Method Using Methanogenic Sand Channel for Enhancement of Methane Gas Production and Stabilisation of Landfill
51 Assoc Prof Dr Tadimalla VLN Rao Modeling of Slider and Journal Bearings with Textured Partial Slip Surface
52 Dr M Haris Md Khir Mathematical Model Development for Electret-Based Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Energy Harvester Device
53 Dr M Faris Khamidi Formulation of Tropical Climate Indoor Comfort Zone Chart based on Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of Residential Roof for Green House Gases (GHGs) Emission Reduction and Climate Change Mitigation in Malaysia
54 Dr Nurul Hasan Novel Approach to Collect Nanoparticles Using Bubbles with Surface Forces
55 Prof Dr Mariyamni Awang Improved Modeling of Low Temperature Crude Oil-carbon Dioxide-Water Systems from Phase Behavior Data and Observations for Carbon Dioxide Flooding
56 Ir Dr M Shiraz Aris A Fundamental Study on the Combustion and Drying Characteristics of Poultry Processing Waste for Energy Recovery
57 AP Ir Dr M Amin A Majid A New Assessment Method of Thermo-Economic Gains and Environment Loads of Waste Heat Utilization to Produce Chilled Water by Absorption Process
58 Mohd Faisal Taha Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Ionic Liquids for Toxic Metal Ions Extraction
59 AP Dr Noor Asmawati Mohd Zabidi Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt-Manganese Bimetallic Nanocatalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Reaction
60 AP Dr Anita Ramli Investigation of the Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Amine Functionalised MCM-41
61 Dr Hasan Fawad Thermal Analysis of Oxy-Acelytene Gas Welding as Low Cost and Efficient Heating Mechanism for Thermally Assisted Machining (TAM) of Hard Materials
62 Dr Narahari Marneni Fundamental Solutions of the Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Natural Convection Flow Along an Infinite Vertical Plate for Various Physical Conditions
63 Dr Zuhairi Baharuddin Modeling a Novel RF-MEMS Based Tunable Filters
64 AP Dr Nor Hisham Hamid Gate Error Probability Model Validation for Nanoscale Circuit Reliability Measurement
65 Dr Ibrahima Faye A New Multi-Resolution Analysis Technique for Automatic Lung Parenchyma Segmentation
66 Ir Dr A Halim Shah Maulud Elucidating Physical and Chemical Interactions of CO2-Alkanolamine System Using Raman Spectroscopy
67 AP Dr Ye Lwin Thermodynamics of Phase and Chemical Equilibria in Transesterification of Triolein to Methyl Oleate
68 AP Dr Josefina Barnachea Janier A Study of Quantifying Asphaltene Precipitation in Oil Reservoir by Mathematical Modeling
69 Dr Edward Halawa Fundamental Restructuring of the Funger Heat Balance Equation Towards the Creation of a University Model of Thermal Comfort
70 Dr Nasreen Badruddin A Novel Co-Operative Routing Algorithm for Congestion Control in Networks
71 Dr Likun Xia Neural Circuit Modeling for Pathophysiology of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
72 Dr Asna Mohd Zain An Investigation of Sludge Waste Immobilization through Carbon Phase Change
73 AP Dr Shahrina Md Nordin Developing a Structural Equation Model for Acceptance of Green Product/Technology in Malaysian Fertilizer Industry: Establishing Causal Relationship Between Stakeholder Communications, Demand Factors and Consumers' Choice
74 Prof Dr A Murad M Noor Merican British Discourses on Malay Identity: A Study of the English Language Press from 1805 to 1946
75 Muhammad Pisol Mat Isa Innovation of the Calculation Model for Zakat on Salary and Professional Income
76 Dr Afza Shafie Number Skills Conceptual Framework of Educator Packet for Down Syndrome
77 AP Dr Shuhaimi Mahadzir A Thermodynamic Study in Fundamental Distillation Process for Energy Minimization
78 AP Dr Chong Fai Kait Kinetic Study on Photooxidative Deep Desulfurization of Diesel under Visible Light Using Fe- and N-Modified Ti02 Photocatalyst
79 Ibrisam Akbar Bond-Slip Relationship of CFRP Plated Steel Member Subjected to Fatigue Loading
80 AP John Ojur Dennis Modeling and Optimization of a MEMS Resonator for Monitoring Biomarker Concentration via Exhaled Breath
81 Dr Wong Peng Wen Theoretical Modeling and Synthesis of Compact UWB Filter Topology Based On Multi-Resonances Resonator (MRR)
82 Prof Dr T Nagarajan Fundamental Analysis on Behaviour of Stewart Platform Actuated by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Wires for Rehabilitation Activities
83 AP Dr Mokhtar Awang Investigation of Auto-Reinforce Concept in Flywheel Energy Storage System Using Permanent Magnet
84 AP Dr Tadimalla VVLN Rao Modeling of Slider and Journal Bearings with Textured Slip Surface Lubricated with Non Newtonian Fluids
85 AP Dr Patthi Hussain Expanded Austenite Layer on SS 316L Resulting from Low Temperature Hybrid Thermochemical Treatments
86 AP Dr Nasiman Sapari To Investigate the Mechanism of Oil/Water Separation Assisted by Novel Natural Sorbents
87 Dr Amirhossein Malakahmad How Parent Carcinogens in Urban Streams Convert to Product Compounds?
88 AP Dr Suziah Sulaiman Haptic Data Visualization Model for Interactions


1 Prof Dr Noorhana Yahya Next Generation Green and Economical Urea



1 Prod Dr A Murad M Noor Merican A Study on the Existence and Life of the Malays in Penang between the Years 1700 and 1800
2 Dr Sumathi Renganathan Exploring the Viability of Introducing a Community-based Educational Partnership to Improve Orang Asli Children’s Educational Outcome
3 Prof Dr T Nagarajan Exploratory Research on the Behaviour Based Planning and Control of Leader-Follower Formations in Wheeled Mobile Robots
4 Dr Nursyarizal Mohd Nor Exploring Robust Power Quality State Estimation Algorithm For Medium and High Voltage Power System Using Optimization Techniques
5 Prof Ir Dr M Fadhil Nuruddin Conversion of Paddy Husk Into Silica Ash, Bio-gasoline, Bio-char, and Syngas Using High Temperature Microwave Heating
6 Assoc Prof Dr Nidal Kamel Salman Development of Subspace-Based Algorithm for Brain Signal Extraction from the Background Noise
7 Assoc Prof Dr Indra Sati Hamonangan Harahap Exploratory Work on Potential Use of Meshless Numerical Method to Simulate Rainfall-Induced Landslides and Its Experimental Verifications
8 Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Nasir Matori Exploring Low Cost Digital Elevation Modeling for Remote Landslide or Mass Movement Early Detection
9 Dr Taib Ibrahim Design and Modeling of a Single Phase Linear Motor for Refrigerator Applications
10 Dr Zainal Ambri Abdul Karim Investigation of the Use of Micro Electromagnetic Waves with Spark-Inceptor as Particulate Matter Treatment in Diesel Engine Exhaust
11 Assoc Prof Dr Hilmi Mukhtar Development of novel ionic liquid supported mixed matrix membranes(ILSMMM) for enhanced CO2/CH4 separation
12 Satirenjit Kaur Johl Exploring the use of data mining in designing a holistic multidomain scorecard towards creating higher governance practices in Malaysia
13 Assoc Prof Dr Arazi Idrus Exploring  the Development of a Framework for Monitoring Public-Private Partnerships / Private Finance Initiative Projects in Malaysia
14 Dr Amirhossein Malakahmad Carrying Capacity Assessment of Carcinogenic Factors in Domestic Wastewater
15 Dr Tadimalla VLN Rao Exploring for the Improved Performance of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Using Lubricants Blended with Polymer Additives
16 AP Dr Shamsul Rahman M Kutty Exploratory of Municipal Sludge Towards Biodiesel Production
17 Prof Dr Alan Oxley Securing the Participation-Collaboration Pattern in Web 2.0 Public Service Application
18 AP Dr Ahmad Majdi Abdul Rani Exploring Improvements in EDM Machining of Tool Steels by Mixing Chromium and Vanadium Powders in Dielectric
19 AP Dr Nordin Saad Intelligent Diagnostic Condition Monitoring of AC Motors via Vector Approach
20 AP Dr Faiz Ahmad Green Intumescent Fire Protective Coating for Structural Approach
21 AP Dr Zakaria Man A One Step Process to Convert Lignocellulosic Biomass to Levulinic Acid Using Specific Task Ionic Liquids
22 AP Dr Suzana Yusup Fatty Acid Alkyl Esters from Ceiba Pentandra, Using the Microwave Assisted Technique
23 AP Dr M Azmi Bustam @ Khalil Solvent-Solute Interactions in Aromatics Extraction by Ionic Liquids
24 Dr. Maizatul Shima Shaharun Development of Novel Copper Nanoparticles Supported on Carboxylic Acid Functionalized Siliceous SBA-15 (cu/SBA-15) for Direct Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol
25 Dr Khalik M Sabil Greener Approach for CO2 Separation from Fuel and Fuel Gases through CO2 Hydrate Formation on Wetted Porous Materials
26 AP Ir Dr Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman Co-Gasification of Different Lignocellulosic Biomasses in a Gasifier for Off-Grid Power Generation in Rural Areas of Plantations
27 AP Dr A Rashid A Aziz Investigation of Energy Management Strategies in a Retrofit Hybrid Electric Vehicle with In-Wheel Motors
28 Dr Lai Fong Woon Exploring Economic Feasibility and Route Optimization Models for an Integrated Feeder Bus System (FBS) for Electric Train Services (ETS) in Perak
29 AP Dr Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad A Study of Customised Mobile Learning Management System Development and Implementation for Secondary Schools in Malaysia
30 Abd Ur-Rahman Mohamed Amin The "Keling" in Malay Discourses: A Study of Natives in Selected Classical Malay Prose Epics
31 Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Service Level Agreement Renegotiation in Medical Cloud Database
32 Dr Suziah Sulaiman An Exploratory Investigation to Determine the Applicability of Haptic Experience of Traditional Foot Reflexology to the Virtual Reality Stress Therapy
33 Dr Low Tan Jung Exploring Animal Behaviour for Self-Healing Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
34 Prof Dr Norani Muti Mohamed Optimization of Hydrogen Production Using Tandem Solar Cell Configuration
35 Pandian Vasant Integration of Intelligent Algorithms in Thermal Energy Systems for Enhancing Efficiency and Performance
36 Dr Zainal Arif Burhanudin Polymer-Based Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor for Monitoring Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)
37 AP Dr M Hasnain Isa Electrochemical Pre-Treatment to Enhance Dewaterability and Digestability of Municipal Waste Activated Sludge
38 AP Dr Nor Hisham Hamid Development of CMOS-MEMS Cantilever Based Micro-Sensor for Capnometry
39 AP Dr Marappagounder Ramasamy Closed-Loop Identification of Subsystem Interactions in Distributed Model Predictive Control Systems
40 AP Ir Dr Mokhtar Che Ismail A New Venture into Design and Fabrication of a Novel High Pressure and High Temperature Surface pH Sensor for a Real-Time Corrosion Monitoring
41 Khairul Safee Khalid Intelligent Tutoring System Framework for Cognitive Skills Tutoring in Pre-School Children
42 Dr Sarat Chandra Dass Delay Differential Equation Based Interference for Vector-Borne Disease Dynamical Systems
43 Prof Dr T Nagarajan Development of Vehicle Control and Guidance System with 6 DOF Trajectory Simulation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
44 Norshuhani Zamin Predictive Model Using Soft Computing Techniques on Malay Dataset for Counter-Terrorism
45 Prof Dr Yoshimitsu Uemura Biodiesel Production by Transesterification Techniques Using New Feedstock Castor Bean Species
46 AP Dr Mokhtar Awang Model-Based Bending Fatique and Service Life Prediction for Parallel Axes Gear in Misalignment Dynamics Condition
47 AP Ir Dr Masri Baharom Design, Development and Analysis of an Experimental Model Single Curved-Cylinder Novel Engine which Operates on Diesel
48 Dr William Pao King Sun Coupling of Deepwater Marine Riser Induced Vibration to Drillstring Vibration
49 Dr Noohul Basheer Zain Ali Investigation of Digital Microfluids Biochips Testing by Dynamic Programming Model
50 Puan Hanita Daud Exploring Optimum Performance of RFID Tags via Integration with Other Standard Network Technologies
51 Dr Taib Ibrahim Design and Modeling of a Portable Pico Linear Generator to Wave Energy Conversion System
52 AP Dr Tang Tong Boon Laser Speckle Imaging System as Stroke Diagnostic Tool
53 AP Dr Patthi Hussain Performance, Evaluation and Modeling of the Micro-Composite Interlayer for the Joining of Sialon to Stainless Steel
54 Dr Nooryusmiza Yusoff A One-Layer Approach for Integration Real-Time optimization and Process Control Level in a Reaction-Separation System
55 AP Dr Hilmi Mukhtar Effect of Functionalized SAPO-34 on the Performance of Based Ionic Liquid Mixed Matrix Membrane (B-IL3M) for CO2 Separation
56 AP Dr Chong Fai Kait Solar-Hydrogen Production System from Sea Water Using Metal/SR2TA207-XNX Photocatalyst and Sunlight
57 Dr Maher Assad Towards Greener Network Chip: A Clock-Less Communication Approach
58 AP Dr Halabi Hasbullah An Exploratory Investigation to Determine the Applicability of Game Theory in Ant Colony to Combat Botnet in Big Data Concept of Cloud Computing
59 AP Dr M Fadzil Hassan Concurrent Service Level Agreement Negotiation in Clod-Based Systems
60 AP Dr Dayang Rohaya Awang Rambli An Exploratory Study to Improve 3D Novel Human Pose Tracking Performance in Low Dimensional Manifold Learning


1 Prof Dr Vijay R Raghavan Hyper Mould Hi-Performance Mould for Plastic Injection Moulding-Development of a Scaled-Up Prototype
2 AP Dr Suzana Yusup Prototype Development of Integrated Biodiesel Blending System for Mixtures of Rubber Seeds Oil and Crude Palm Oil
3 AP Dr Ahmad Majdi Abdul Rani Integrated & Automated Objective Ulcer Wound Assessment System (IAOUWAS)
4 Prof Dr Norani Muti Mohamed Development of Carbon Nanotube-based Pressure Sensors
5 Dr Afza Shafie Development of Carbon Nano Fibers Curved Electromagnetic Transmitter for Hydrocarbon Detection in Malaysian Shallow Waters
6 AP Dr Balbir Singh Development of Performance Monitoring and Tracking Prototype (PEMANTAU) for Designing Hybrid Integrated Renewable Electricity Generating System
7 AP Dr Hussain Al-Kayiem Development and Evaluation of a Solar-Biomass Multi Purpose Hybrid Dryer
8 AP Dr Cecilia Devi Wilfred Scale-Up of Poly Ionic Liquids (PILs) for Carbon Dioxide Removal
9 AP Dr Faiz Ahmad Development of Prototype of Mineral Based Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating for Fire Protection of Structures
10 AP Dr Aamir Saeed Malik 3D Tracking Prototype Using Single 2D Camera
11 AP Dr A Rashid A Aziz Development of a Pre-Commercialization Prototype Free-Piston Linear Generator Working on the Principle of Expansion of Gas from High-Pressure Deep Water Gas Reservoir
12 AP Dr Fakhruldin M Hashim Development and Fabrication of a Compact Subsea Gas Separation Prototype
13 Prof Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Development of a Human Skin Pigmentation Analysis Tool for Clinical and Aesthetic
14 Hanita Daud Continuous Remote Patients Monitoring System Using RFID Technology
15 AP Dr Irraivan Elamvazuthi Development of EMG-Based Decision Support Tool for Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders
16 AP Dr Nor Hisham Hamid System on Chip (SOC) Implementation of PMSM Controller for Fault Tolerant Operation
17 Dr M Haris M Khir Self-Powered Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Increased Safety of Road Vehicles
18 AP Dr M Hasnain Isa Pilot-Scale Low Temperature Thermal Degradation of Recalcitrant Carcinogenic  Organic Compunds and Fixation of Heavy Metals in Industrial Sludge
19 AP Dr Bashar S Mohammed Development of Thermo Eco Rubbercrete Hollow Block
20 AP Ir Dr M Shahir Liew Development of Fiber Optic Based Dynamic Structural Health Monitoring System for Offshore Structures
21 AP Dr Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad Development of a Cloud-Based Ubiquitous Healthcare System
22 Dr Wong Peng Wen Product Development of First Multi-Resonances Microwave Cavity Filter for Compact Base Station Application
23 AP Ir Dr Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman Heat Recovery System for Enhancement of Small-Scale Downdraft Gasifier Efficiency
24 AP Dr Shamsul Rahman M Kutty Compact Extended Aeration Reactor (CEAR), an Integrated Wastewater Treatment for Biological Treatment of Wastewater

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