Realizing the importance of R&D and innovation, the Government initiated a competitive funding to undertake pre-commercialization of new, cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies. Malaysian companies (min 51% equity held by Malaysia) including GLC-Government Linked Companies and PLC-Public Listed Companies are encouraged to apply together with Government Research Institute (GRI) or Institute of Higher Learning (IHL).


1 Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Computerised Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) Monitoring & Grading System
2 Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Computerised System for Monitoring and Scoring of Psoriasis Area & Severity Index (PASI)
3 Dr Nor Hisham Hamid Real Time  Self-Automated Intelligent Hardware Implementation of Energy Efficient Green Motion Controller
4 AP Dr Ahmad Kamil Mahmood Development of Dementia Brain (Dbrain) Multi-Agents Using Gene, Protein and Drug Platforms on Bio-Grid with New Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Treatment of Aging and Active People


1 Dr M Faris Khamidi Way forward for Science-Social Science Integration Towards Transdisciplinary Academic Leader - AKEPT MOHE
2 AP Dr Aamir Saeed Malik Vegetation Encroachment Monitoring Using Satellite Stereo for Power Lines in Malaysia - KETTHA
3 Dr Teo Wee JAR12 04: Design of Bridge Pier Structures Subjected to Impact Loading - JKR
4 AP Dr Suzana Yusup Utilization of Bottom Ash as the Bed Material for Catalytic Biomass Gasification - KETTHA
5 Prof Dr Khairun Azizi Azizli Smart Integrated Low Carbon Infrastructure (Smart i-LOCI)
6 Prof Dr Azmi M Shariff CO2 Rich Natural Gas Value Chain Program



1 Dr Marappagounder Ramasamy Optimization of Energy Recovery in Crude Preheat Train: Development of Fouling Mitigation Suite
2 Dr Zakaria Man Establishment of Malaysian Ionic Liquids Laboratory (MILL-UTP)
3 Ir Dr Mokhtar Che Ismail Corrosion Prediction in High CO2 Environment
4 AP Dr Norani Muti Mohamed Development of Nano Ti02 Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)
5 Dr M Nordin Zakaria Computer Modelling of Virtual Solar Cells
6 AP Dr Norani Muti Mohamed Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes for Low Friction Lubricants
7 AP Dr Suzana Yusup Development of Biomass Catalytic Gasification System for Sustainable Biohydrogen Product
8 AP Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib Whole Crude Upgrading Desulphurization Using Ionic Liquid
9 AP Dr  Chandra Mohan Conversion of Biomass, Petroleum Coke and Coal Blends to Syngas via Gasification (Petronas & TNBR)
10 AP Dr Isa M Tan Development of Super Surfactant and Polymer for EOR Application
11 Prof Dr Noorhana Yahya Next Generation Electromagnetic (EM) Transmitter for Deep Reservoir Targets of Shallow and Deep Water Hydrocarbon Exploration
12 Assoc Prof Dr M Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib Removal of Sulphur from Diesel Using Ionic Liquids
13 Dr Khalik M Sabil Kinetic of Hydrate Formation: Flow Assurance and C02 Separation
14 Dr Lau Kok Keong Development of Bulk CO2 Separation System Using Supersonic Gas Separation Technology
15 Prof Dr Deva Prasad Ghosh Seismic Anisotropy Imaging for Deep Reservoir and Fracture Basement


1 AP Dr Nasir Matori Seismic Hazard of Peninsular Malaysia for Structural Design Purposes - CIDB
2 AP Dr Varun Jeoti Chaos Based Encryption - Intel
3 Prof Dr A Murad M Noor Merican Malay Attitudes Towards The West: Engaging Malay Thought  on European Civilisation & Modernity in Constructing Self, Nation & Identity - Perdana Foundation
4 Prof Dr A Murad M Noor Merican Eastern Perspectives of Western Discourses of the East - UKM GUP
5 Prof Dr Bernard J Pierson UTP Shell Chair in  Petroleum Engineering
6 Prof Dr Birol M Demiral UTP Centre for Enhanced Oil Recovery
7 Mohd Syaifuddin Mohd In-Wheel Motor Systems Development for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application
8 AP Dr Nordin Saad 3-D Fire and Gas Development Software Tools
9 AP Ir Dr Arazi Idrus - taken over by Dr Noor Amila Wan Abdullah Zawawi Methodology for Adopting LRFD in the Design of Jacket Platforms in Malaysia
10 Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Three Dimensional (3D) Image Reconstruction With Multi-Laser Technology Development & Advanced and Intelligent PCBA IC Packages' Defect Classification Prpgram
11 Dr Satirenjit Kaur Johl Internal Audit Function, Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Malaysia (The Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia)
12 AP Dr Nasiman Sapari The Influence of Groundwater on Liner Stability at GPP 5/6, Paka, Dungun, Terengganu (Enproserve M Sdn Bhd)
13 AP Ir Dr Shahir Liew Sustainabilitily of Steel Structures for Offshore Applications (Malaysian Structural Steel Association)
14 AP Dr Shahrina Md Nordin Perak Menuju Puncak Kecemerlangan: Suatu Kajian Prestasi Akademik dan Intervensi
15 Dr Rosdiazli Ibrahim Research Grant for Billing Software
16 Dr Khalik M Sabil Investigations on Phase Behavior and Kinetics of Hydrate Formation and Dissociation with Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors and the Effects of the Presence of Foreign Particles on Hydrate Formation Conditions
17 Prof Ir Dr M Fadhil Nuruddin Dura Technology Research Grant Award on MIRHA
18 AP Dr Shahrina Md Nordin An Investigation Study on the Contributing Factors to the Academic Achievement in Perak
19 Dr Rohani Salleh Human Capital Issues and Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector in Perak
20 Ustaz M Pisol Mat Isa Effectiveness of Zakah as Business Capital: A Study on Asnaf Al-Fakir and Al-Miskin in Perak
21 AP Dr Varun Jeoti Wireless  Communication over Evaporation DUCT  (WiDuct)
22 AP Dr A Hadi A Rahman An Integrated Sedimentological, Biofacies, Ichnological and Sequence Stratigraphic  Studies of the West Crocker Formation (Oligocene-Eraly Miocene), Kota Kinabalu Area, Sabah and Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of the Kudat Formations (Oligocene – Early Miocene), Sabah
23 AP Dr Shahrina Md Nordin Stakeholder Communication, Socio-Economic & Financial Performance: Adoption on Innovations by Paddy Farmers in Perak
24 AP Ir Dr M Shahir Liew Adaptive Reuse of Steel from Fixed Offshore Structures
25 Zullina Hussain Shaari Exploring the Mindset and Well-Being of Rural School Students
26 Dr Mohammad Shakir Nasif The Behaviour of Various Types of Concrete in High Intensity Fires & Evaluation of Thermal Radiation Models for Fire Spread Between Buildings


1 Prof Dr Yoshimitsu Uemura Mitsubishi Chair
2 Dr M Naufal M Saad Visions & Robotics - European Erasmus Mundus
3 Dr M Naufal M Saad ICT Asia
4 Assoc Prof Dr Azween Abdullah Biometrics: New Trends Towards Information Security
5 Prof Dr Alan Oxley IBM International
6 Assoc Prof Ir Dr M Fadhil Nuruddin Strengthening of Beam-Column Connection Using Ferrocement Jackets Made of Geopolymers
7 Assoc Prof Dr Azween Abdullah Proposing Secured & Reliable Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Based System for Critical Pipeline Infrastructure
8 Anang Hudaya Mohd Amin Bio-Inspired Computing and Novel Approaches for Networks of Tiny Wireless Sensor Devices
9 Ir Dr M Shiraz Aris Sustainable Utilization and Production Technology of Biofuel for Asian Countries
10 Prof Dr Kurian V John Prospect of Offshore Plant Decommissioning and Market Strategy for Korean Companies
11 Assoc Prof Dr Suzana Yusup Conversion of Waste Polyethylene and Lignocellulosic Materials to Syngas Using Catalytic Steam Gasification Process
12 Dr Ibrahima Faye Development of Methods for Automatic Segmentation of Lung Images
13 Assoc Prof Dr M Naufal M Saaad Cloud Computing Test Bed  Framework
14 Assoc Prof Dr Aamir Saeed malik 3D Mapping
15 Assoc Prof Dr PDD Dominic Eco Design Strategy for Green Supply Chain Drivers and Its Relationship to Performance Outcomes in Asian Developing Countries
16 Dr Aaron William Hunter The Evolutionary Development of Species Gradient and Hybridization in Indo-Pacific Deep Water Crinoid Populations
17 Assoc Prof  Dr M Naufal M Saad Agreement between the Embassy of France in Malaysia & ITPSB in pursuant to the Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Government of France and the Government of Malaysia
18 AP Dr M Fadzil Hassan An Improved Software Development Process for Small and Medium Software Development Enterprise  - King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
19 AP Dr M Fadzil Hassan Intelligent Cloud Based Collaborative Multi-Modal Disease Diagnostic System - King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
20 AP Dr Aamir Saeed Malik Design of EEG and Event Related Potential (ERP) Experiments Using E-Prime Software for Static Audio Visual Education Content - King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
21 Dr Ibrahima Faye Identification of Features and Classification for EEG and ERP Signal Analysis - King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
22 Prof Ir Dr M Fadhil Nuruddin Encapsulation of Water Leach Purification (WLP) Product in a Geopolymer Matrix - Lynas Australia
23 AP Dr Suzana Yusup Conversion of Waste Polyethylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate and Lignocellulosic Mixtures to Syngas Using Catalytic Steam Gasification Process - Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi
24 Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Signal & Image Processing Research


1 Assoc Prof Dr Azween Abdullah, Dr Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin & Mr Low Tan Jung Collaborative Clinical Diagnostic Ecosystem in a Cloud
2 AP Dr Nasir Shafiq, Dr Shamsul Rahman M Kutty Lubeplasticizer: An Ecofriendly Admixture for Durable Concrete
3 Ir Dr Masri Baharom Development of a Novel Small-Scale (50cc) Two Stroke Rocker Crank Combustion Engine


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