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Clustering research into strategic areas increase the number of researchers bidding for major or big projects. Data from Ministry of Science Technology and Environment shows that the institutions that become the major takers for IRPA grant, derived from the existence of research clustering’s in the. Research clustering’s have a huge impact in encouraging and promoting research.



No.Civil EngineeringClusters
1. Assoc Prof Dr Arazi Idrus Structures, Materials & Construction
2. Assoc Prof Dr Madzlan Napiah Geotechnics & Highway
3. Assoc Prof Dr Mohamed Hasnain Isa Water & Environmental Engineering

No.Computer Information SciencesClusters
1. Dr Baharum Baharuddin Intelligent Systems

AP Dr. Ahmad Kamil Mahmood

Software Engineering / E-Commerce
3. Assoc Prof Dr Abas Md Said Multimedia & Communication Systems


No.Mechanical EngineeringClusters
1. Assoc Prof Dr Fakhruldin M Hashim Deep Water Technology
2. Assoc Prof Dr Othman Mamat Advance Materials & Processes
3. Assoc Prof Ir Dr  M Amin A Majid Reliability & Asset Management
4. Assoc Prof Dr A Rashid A Aziz Hybrid Vehicles


No.Chemical EngineeringClusters
1. Assoc Prof Dr M Ramasamy Process System Engineering
2. Prof Dr Khairun Azizi Separation Process & Thermodynamics
3. Assoc Prof Dr M Azmi Bustam Advanced Materials & Reaction Engineering
4. Prof Dr T. Murugesan Environmental Engineering


No.Electrical & Electronic EngineeringClusters
1. Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani Intelligent Imaging
2. Assoc Prof Dr Varun Jeoti Communications
3. Assoc Prof Dr Nordin Saad Automation & Control Systems
4. Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Awan Pervasive Systems
5. Dr Zainal Ariff Burhanuddin Electronic Materials & Devices
6. Dr Taib Ibrahim Energy & Power


No.Management & HumanitiesClusters
1. Dr Rohani Salleh Business & Management
2. Dr Shahrina Md Nordin Language & Communication
3. Prof Dr Mohamed Halib Culture & Behavioral Sciences


No.Geosciences & Petroleum EngineeringClusters
1. Prof Dr Birol M Demiral Enhanced Oil Recovery
2. Assoc Prof Askury Abdul Kadir Integrated Basin Analysis
3. Assoc Prof Dr Zuhar Zahir Tuan Harith Advanced Seismic Technology
4. Assoc Prof Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff Rock Physics & Reservoir Characterization
5. Assoc Prof Dr Ismail Mohd Saaid Unconventional Oil




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