Notifications To All International Students On The New Ruling On International Students Pass Application Process PDF Print E-mail

The Malaysian government is committed to make the country a hub for a world-class education and welcome any foreign students who wish to pursue courses of study here. The Malaysian Government has made it convenient for foreigners with the genuine intention of studying in Malaysia to obtain a student pass and visa, a requirement by the country’s Immigration Department.

Beginning from 1st January 2013 onwards, foreign students’ pass applications are processed through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). With EMGS , All students’ pass application must be submitted through the respective institution and the student must supply the Institution with the following information:

  • 2 passport size photograph with white background (3.5cm x 5cm)
  • 2 copies of ALL pages of passport with certified photo page
  • The passport must be valid for at least 12 months from the expected date of entry.
  • Academic and other certificates certified as a true copy by the institution issuing the document or a commissioner of oaths, notary public or lawyer
  • Pre-Entry Medical Examination Report (from home country) dated less than 60 days from the application submission date
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for students from Sub-Sahara countries. Please click here for more details.
  • A copy of the sponsorship letter (for sponsored students).
  • RM 2,000.00 payment for the following purposes :
1. EMGS Visa Processing Fee RM1000
2. Immigration Fees e.g. Student Pass, Visa, Special Pass etc – Ranging from RM50.00 to RM250.00 (depending on your country of origins).
3. Medical Insurance Premium – Minimum RM500.00
4. Post-Entry Medical Examination Report (from EMGS authorize panel clinics / hospitals) – RM250.00.