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With the depletion in the production of fossil fuel, along with the alarming environmental problems vis-à-vis global warming, research in energy is quiet demanding. The Hybrid Energy System MOR is supported by three subgroups: Alternative Energy, Power Systems, and Novel & Hybrid Systems. At present, the main research under the Hybrid Energy System MOR focuses on hybrid energy systems incorporating various alternative and renewable energy elements, by utilizing the available local resources. The Hybrid Energy System MOR also aims at producing Centres of Excellence that would support the needs of the nation in relation to energy.


  • To become a reference for energy-efficient technologies and integrated alternative energy systems.
  • To deliver sustainable energy solutions for the betterment of society.


  • Electrical Power Generation Systems
  • Thermal Energy Systems
  • Energy Management Systems


The Hybrid Energy System MOR is building up its capabilities by developing various labs to support its research.  At the time of its formation, the group already had the following research facilities:

  • Centre for Automotive Research and Electric Mobility (CAREM ): a state of the art laboratory that has high endequipment including optical research engines, high-speedimaging, planar laser induced fluorescence, particle imagevelocimetry, laser Doppler anemometry, phase Doppleranemometry, single and multi-cylinder test beds.
  • Gas District Cooling Plant:the plant is owned by UTP and various research projects are undertaken mainly in cogeneration systems.
  • Biomass Gasification Lab for Power Generation:the lab comprises a set of custom built gasifiers for studies on gasification of locally available biomass resources. The lab is also equipped with diesel and petrol engines which are connected &dynometers and emission measurement systems.
  • Solar Research Site (SRS):SRS is established to occupy five experimental research models. The focus on this site is on the integrated techniques to enhance the performance of the thermal solar systems.
  • Various Testing Facilities:various energy testing facilities are available and currently being developed. The fuel characterization labs are able to provide energy content and the chemical composition for a variety of solid fuel types. The burning characteristic of solid fuels is also an important aspect of alternative fuel studies and is currently being developed.