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At Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, our first-class research facilities coupled with strong collaborative and funding support from internal sources, government and industry will stimulate your intellectual development and prepare you for future challenges. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS currently holds Research Grants from the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI) totalling up to RM20million under the Intensification of Research Priority Areas (IRPA) plan. We have been mandated by the Government of Malaysia to pursue the creation and development of new enabling technologies that will drive the nation's progress in strategic knowledge based industries.

Under our MSc and PhD programmes, you will undergo focused study and experimentation in one of several areas of expertise - the area of your choice. You are invited to venture into ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary research and work with professors and teams of researchers from other institutions who will guide the development of your research and analytical skills. Learn to apply new mathematical tools, simulation software and build real systems as you invent, design, develop and implement novel applications employing cutting-edge technologies at the frontiers of knowledge.




Research Clusters

  • Drilling Engineering
  • Geosciences & Formation Evaluation
  • Production Technology
  • Reservoir Engineering


Research Areas
  • Reservoir Characterization, Modeling & Simulation
  • Deep Reservoir (High Pressure High Temperature)
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Oil Field Chemical
  • Flow Assurance
  • Drilling Optimization
  • Drilling Fluid and Completion
  • Cementing Technology
  • Petrophsics


For further information, contact:


Programme Name Contact info

Department Head
Petroleum Engineering

Dr Khaled Abdalla Elraies
Postgraduate Coordinator Dr Rashidah Mohd Pilus