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The Department was established in 1997. The department which first started off as the General Studies programme was later renamed as Department of Management & Humanities. To date, there are a total of 38 lecturers with 3 support staff serving the department.

The Department provides courses that are aimed at producing well-rounded graduates who will possess not only the latest competencies in Engineering, Science and Technology, but also other qualities such as strong leadership, good behavioural and communication skills, analytical thinking ability, as well as managerial, business and social competencies.

Three units under Management & Humanities Department are Business & Management, Language & Communication and Social Science & Humanities.

In line with the University’s mission in producing well-rounded graduates, the objectives of our programmes are to enhance management, communication and behavioral skills, enhance critical thinking and instil ethical values.

Programmes & Courses Offered


Postgraduate Programmes


Undergraduate Courses

  • Business & Management courses
  • Language & Communication courses
  • Social Science & Humanities courses


Foundation Courses

  • English Language courses
  • Principles of Business & Management courses
  • Humanities & Critical Thinking courses