Appeal For Reassessment Of Student Industrial Internship Program (SIIP) Result for May 2015 Semester PDF Print E-mail

Course code

  • Student Industrial Training( ICB3037)
  • Student Industrial Project (ICB3047)

If a student is dissatisfied with the SIT or SIP results, an appeal for re-ASSESSMENT may be made within THREE (3) days after the results are released. All undergraduate students undergone Student Industrial Training (SIT) and Student Industrial Project (SIP) qualify to appeal for the reassessment. The appeal shall be forwarded to CSIMAL.

Procedures of re-assessment are as follow:

  1. Download the Reassessment Form (download it here) or obtain the form from CSIMAL office.
  2. Fill in all sections in the form
  3. Make a payment of RM200.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred Only) to the Finance and Fund Management Department.
  4. Submit the application form together with the receipt of payment to CSIMAL.
  5. Students will be informed on the status of the re-assessment and if there are changes to the marks, a new result slip will be issued to the students.
  6. All decisions are final and re-appeal will not be entertained.

The Appeal for Reassessment fee of RM200 (non-refundable) shall be made to the UTP Finance dept. /
online payment to UTP CIMB account #8004857910.

The duration of forms submission : 22, 23
and 25 September 2015 (3 days)
(Please be reminded that all forms submit AFTER DEADLINE will be not entertained)

Enquiries and questions : Roslina bt Nordin Ali



(605) 368 8387



(605) 368 8386