Program Outcome Survey and Clearance (Undergraduate) (May 2015 - Batch 3) PDF Print E-mail

Dear Students,


Kindly be informed that it is COMPULSORY for the graduating students to complete the Program Outcome Survey at the end of final semester. Upon completing the survey, graduates will be able to print out the Clearance form as part of the graduation requirement and to be completed before leaving UTP.


Click here to start the survey and claim your clearance form


Below are the steps to complete the Outcome Survey and graduate clearance;



  • Visit UTP main website > Academic > Academic Announcement > Program Outcome Survey and Clearance (May 2015 -  Batch 3)
  • Complete the outcome survey (It will be compulsory for you to complete the survey in order to print out your clearance form) – (1st July 2015 till 1st September 2015)
  • Print out the clearance form – can be reprinted
  • Complete Clearance Form at respective departments. The completed form is to be submitted direct to Registration & Examination Unit - (deadline 20th September 2015)



IMPORTANT NOTICE: All graduating students MUST settle all outstanding dues and complete the clearance form as per the graduation requirement to ensure the ELIGIBILITY to be included in 2015 Convocation.



Thank you

for Registry