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Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) was established with the objective to produce well-rounded graduates who are not only technically competent but also posses other traits such as lifetime learning capacity, critical thinking, communication and behavioural skills, business acumen, practical attitude and solution synthesis ability. For these reasons, UTP has made it compulsory for its undergraduate students to undergo practical training in the form of two internship courses consists of Student Industrial Training (SIT) 14 weeks and Student Industrial Project (SIP) 14 weeks prior to their completion of studies at UTP. It is anticipated that the experience gained from this programmewill complement and enhance their knowledge and understanding learned at the university.UTP has always placed great emphasis in having a close cooperation with the industries. The Student Industrial Internship Programme(SIIP) is a prime example of the University –Industry collaboration.Currently, UTP offers five (5) engineering programmes namely Chemical, Civil, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical and Petroleum, and three (3) technological programmes namely Petroleum Geoscience, Information & Communication Technology and Business Information System, Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry at Bachelor Degree level.

The SIIP are dividedinto two courses. Details are as follow:

2.0 Objectives of Student Industrial Internship Programme

The objectives are as follows:

  • To integrate theory with practice.
  • To introduce students to work culture andindustrial practices.
  • To give opportunity to students to work with industrial practitioners.
  • To expose students to potential employers.
  • To acquaint UTP students with the industry.

3.0 Training Approach

The Student Industrial Internship Programme shall include the following activities:

  • Hands-on training.
  • Real Project-based assignments.
  • Research –based activities.
  • Team-work activities.
  • Leadership and management skills.
  • Safety awareness.
  • Continuous technical building skill and exposure
  • Sustainability awareness

4.0 Roles and Functions of the Host Companies and UTP


Host Companies plays an important role in ensuring the success of the industrial internship programme. They are expected to provide the following support:

  • Plans and schedules the overall internship programme to ensure that it provides maximum opportunity for students to obtain useful experience related to their field of study
  • Selects and assigns qualified engineering/technology staff to be students’ Host Company Supervisor.
  • Assists students to find accommodation and transportation (if necessary).
  • iv. Provides briefing on the background of the organization/company.
  • Discusses with the students the details of their internship programme’s expected outcomes.
  • Supervises and guides students in their industrial training.
  • Provides the necessary facilities, equipment, tools and guidance to students.
  • Provides necessary recommendations to improve the programme.
  • ix. Assess logbook fortnightly and checks their detailed of logbook reports
  • Provides weekly report scores using Summary of the Weekly Report Scores (Logbook) Form
  • Evaluates students’ oral presentation during assessment visit
  • Evaluates Student’s Performance and Competency
  • Evaluates Industrial Training Report



a) Facilitate the internship programme so that it can complement the learning outcomes.

b) Provides list of approved companies to students for selection.

c) Confirms the placement of students with the Host Companies.Sends students’ resume to the Host Companies (if necessary).

d) Assists students on visa/work permit application for internship ( if necessary)

e) Coordinates the following visits by UTP supervisors:

  • Pre-Visit and briefing to the Host Company’s management (if necessary).
  • Organize and arrange the assessment visit for UTP Supervisors to Host Companies.

f) Reviews the industrial internship matters and schedule with the students before, during and after SIT.

g) Finalizes students’ grading in Internship Committee Meeting.

h) Organizes special assignments such as UTP –Industry Dialogue, Forum or Sharing Session.


a) Addresses internship matters/updates at respective departments.

b) Compiles students’ scores.

c) Promotes and establishes UTP-Industry relationship via internship.

d) Assigning of UTP Supervisors from respective departments.

e) Review and endorse application for new host company’s registration

f) Encourages contribution of industrial projects towards final year project.


  • Establish and maintain communication with students and Host Company Supervisor throughout the duration of the internship period.
  • Develop and maintain good rapport with the Host Companies.
  • Visit the Host Companies and review the industrial training schedules with Host Company Supervisor.
  • Evaluate the students’ oral presentation at the Host Company
  • Review and assess the Students' Performance and Competency with the Host Company supervisors
  • Evaluate Industrial Training Report
  • Complete the Industrial Training Visit Report form after the assessment visit
  • Complete and collect all the assessment forms from Host Company SV at the end of the assessment visit
  • Submit both Host Company and UTP Supervisor’sassessment form to CSIMAL
  • Provide necessary recommendations to improve the programme


  • To confirm and proposed Industrial Internship Project title to CSIMAL
  • Adhere to the UTP and Host Company’s rules and regulation
  • Follow the Host Company’s safety procedures.
  • Maintain good discipline and personal conduct.
  • Meet work schedules on time.
  • Discuss with supervisor on the training schedule.
  • Update logbook regularly and present it to the Host Company Supervisor for review and endorsement.
  • Be responsible and committed in acquiring as much knowledge and skills as possible during the internship.
  • Perform oral presentation to the Host Company and UTP supervisors during the assessment visit.
  • Complete and submit the hardcopy of logbook and both SIT and SIP reports to CSIMAL

5.0 Training Details

i. Intern available are from the following programmes :

  • Chemical Engineering Programme.
  • Civil Engineering Programme.
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering Programme.
  • Mechanical Engineering Programme.
  • Petroleum Engineering Programme.
  • Petroleum Geoscience Programme.
  • Business Information Systems Programme.
  • Information & Communication Technology Programme.
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Chemistry

ii.Placement time frame –January to August,May to December and September to April.
iii.UTP supervisors will visit the students at the host company twice during the industrial internship session.
iv.The students are also covered by group personal insurance during the training period



Assoc Prof Dr Ku Zilati Ku Shaari
Tel: 605 368 8380/7578

Azrul Hasyimi Zabidi
Tel: 605 368 8388

Roslina Nordin Ali
Tel: 605 368 8387