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bis1_1.jpgCIS offers 2 Postgraduate Programmes namely Master of Science in IT and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in IT. Both are by research and available for full-time and part time students but a candidate may be required to attend courses as as and when required by the CIS.

As on of the MSC status university, UTP is committed to produce quality IT practitioners and researchers to propel Malaysia into the knowledge-based economy. The M. Sc in IT normally takes 18 months to complete and the program is suitable for both highly technical and socio-technical research topics. Our students came from various backgrounds but with one trait in common high stamina in research and publication.
The prospective post graduate students will find a warm and friendly community of more than 70 M Sc students coming from a well balance of local and international students.
Each student will be assigned to a supervisor and co-supervisor according to their area of expertise and students are expected to update the supervisors on their research progress. It is not uncommon for the students to publish 2 articles in cited proceedings and journal before the viva.
The PhD in IT normally takes 36 months to complete and it is an extension of the M. Sc research work where rigor and relevant are the main emphasis. This must be proven by the students attempt to produce a scholarly work that worth for publication in higher tier IT related journal. The students are expected to be independent and making use of the research grants and facilities available on campus.
Strong stamina in research and passion in publication is a must on top of excellent academic achievement and industrial experience. Currently there are more than 80 PhD candidates working closely in their respective research cluster. All PhD candidates are required to publish at least 3 articles in cited proceedings and journal before the viva.
General Information regarding the Masters and Ph.D. Programmes by Research:

Entry Requirements:

Masters Degree
A candidate admitted into MSc(IT) shall normally possess any of the following qualifications and illustrate that she/he is qualified to undertake postgraduate work:
  • A Bachelor's Degree; or
  • Equivalent qualification of an institution approved by the Senate of comparable academic status.
Doctor of Philosophy
A candidate shall normally have:
  • A Master's degree and shows evidence of adequate related research or work experience to the UTP satisfaction; or
  • Any other qualifications equivalent as approved by UTP.
English Requirements
In addition to the academic requirements, an applicant is also required to possess one of the following:
  • a minimum overall TOEFL Score of 580 (paper based)or 237 (computer based)or 92 (internet based); or
  • a minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.5; or
  • a credit in 1119 English Examination; or
  • a minimum MUET overall band score of 4; or
  • other qualification which is of equivalent level as decided by the University.
All applicants MUST MEET the required English Language requirement before being admitted to the programme of study.
Upon recommendation of the Department, English requirement may be waived for students who have obtained their Bachelor or Master's degrees, where English has been used as the sole medium of instruction. If the student lacks i.e. research skills or a good command of English upon admission to the programme then the department reserves the right to have the student acquire such competency.
Special Courses

Upon admission to programme, the University may require a candidate to follow any subject/s taught at the undergraduate/postgraduate level if the University is of the opinion that the subject/s is required for the candidate to complete her/his study successfully.
All candidates MUST enroll the Research Methodology course within the first six (6) months from date of registration.
Type of Candidature
Can either be Full-time or Part-time
Full-time: minimum 1 year; maximum 3 years
Part-time: minimum 2 years; maximum 5 years
Full-time: minimum 2 years; maximum 5 years
Part-time: minimum 3 years; maximum 7 years
Application Form and Closing Date

There is no closing deadline and applicant can submit throughout the year through on-line application form available at http://. You should also attach your transcripts and degree certificates providing full details of the degrees, classes, grades you have obtained and the units you have taken, either in local or foreign universities. Preferably the documents are to be in English
You should also submit a research proposal and propose supervisor whom you can easily identify to ensure that the research project is within the interest of the University.
In addition you should nominate two (2) referees, preferably academicians who know you well enough to provide a good recommendation for you.
Fees (Ringgit Malaysia)

The fee for postgraduate programme by research (both for Masters and Ph.D. whether full-time or part-time) is as follows:
Type of Fees
Part Time
Full Time
Registration (Payable once upon registration)
Deposit (Refundable. Payable upon registration)
Insurance per year (current prevailing rate)
Thesis Examination (Upon submission):

Master's degree
Doctor of Philosophy

(The University reserves the right to revise the fees without any prior notification).