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The aspiration of MOR nanotechnology is to become the nation’s premier centre of excellence and technology provider in Nanotechnology.






Nanomaterials present a tremendous opportunity to generate a host of new products that could energize the economy, solve major societal problems, revitalize existing industries, and create entirely new businesses. The opportunity arises as the result of the unique properties (e.g., physical, magnetic, optical, chemical, mechanical, electronic, biological) of materials when they are at nanoscale (< 100 nm).

To realize fully the broad economic benefits of nanomaterials, a novel solution-oriented approach to materials and nanomaterials development needs to be adopted. This approach requires a robust understanding of the fundamental scientific principles operating at nanoscale, including interdependent structure-property relationships. Such an understanding will enable cost-effective design, synthesis, and scale-up of materials that deliver selected properties, allowing for the focus on the requirements for specific applications as the primary drivers of the design process. The capability will accelerate nanomaterial development resulting in a large number of diverse products to rapidly enter markets to solve long-standing problems and stimulate economic growth for decades to come.

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