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The Green Technology MOR focuses on sustainable technologies to reduce environmental issues related to emission of greenhouse gasses, water contamination, chemicals, toxic waste and heavy metals management. The research directions are towards supporting the following themes: waste to wealth, clean technology and cost effective solutions. There are two research centers under these Mission Oriented Research (MOR). These are the Center for Biofuel and Biochemical Research (CBBR) and PETRONAS Ionic Liquid Center (PILC).


Bio-fuel & Bio-chemical:

  • Conversion of biomass to solid, liquid & gas fuels & biochemical products.

Ionic Liquid:

  • Development of new potential ionic liquid to support oil & gas industries.

Green Process System Engineering:

  • Green process modeling, simulation, integration and optimization to enhance efficiency of material and energy management in green processes.


Development of novel, sustainable and competitive technologies to reduce the environmental pollution and green house impact.


  • Fatty acid alkyl ester from ceibapentandra, using microwave assisted technique.
  • Development of Agro-based activated carbon and modified carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for CO2 Capture.
  • Prototype development of integrated biodiesel blending system for mixtures of rubbers seed oil and crude palm oil.
  • Conversion of waste polyethylene and liqnocellosic materials to syngas using catalytic gasification process.
  • Conversion of paddy husk into silica ash, bio-gasoline, bio-char syngas usinghigh temperature microwave heating.
  • Synthesis, characterization and rheological study of novel biodegradable drilling polyol esters of jatropha.
  • Exploration of novel feedstock for the production of biodiesel.
  • Development of biomass catalytic gasification systems for sustainable biohydrogen production.
  • Development of graphitic nanofibre and carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage.
  • Thermodynamics of phase and chemical equilibria in transesterification of triolein to methyl oleate.
  • Investigation of the kinetics of carbon dioxide adsorption on amine functionalized MCM-41.
  • Synthesis and characterization on novel ionic liquids for toxic metal ions extraction.