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When to Arrive


You should plan to arrive in Malaysia on a weekday morning if possible (as our offices will be closed on the weekends). Please provide ample notification to the International Student Unit, Student Support Services Department of your arrival details.






Ask about your free baggage allowance when you buy your airline ticket (usually 15-20 kg plus hand luggage), as the charges on excess baggage are high.


Travel Insurance
You will usually be offered travel insurance when you book your airline ticket. This is usually worth taking to save time and money if anything is lost. Make a list of everything you pack so that if anything is lost you can make an accurate report on the lost items. If you have bought anything new before your journey, keep the receipts safe. The insurance company may ask you to provide these receipts for the items in your lost luggage.If you happen to lose your luggage, contact the airline officials immediately.



Passing Through Immigration


At the Immigration desk, you will need to show documents mentioned on page 12 and 13 (Student Pass and How To Apply) of this Guide. The Immigration Officer will stamp your Passport with the initial period you may stay in Malaysia.

Do not worry if you are on a program that lasts for several years, as an extension of time can be arranged once you have settled in at UTP. If you have all the necessary papers and documents, there should be no problems at the Immigration counter.

Ask the Immigration officer to contact UTP International Student Unit, Student Support Services Department if you have any difficulties at the entry point.



Personal Security


You should take care to guard your personal belongings against theft. The following notes may be of help:

  • Money
    Only carry what you require for daily expenses. Keep a record of the serial numbers on your traveler̢۪s cheques so you can inform your bank if they are lost. Make sure your wallet / purse, bank and credit cards are kept secured.
  • Handbags and Luggage
    Never leave your luggage unattended at any time and do not allow anyone except official porters to carry it for you.
  • Documents
    Keep your passport, travel tickets and important documents in a safe place. Keep a record of your passport identification numbers, its date and place of issue.
  • Left Luggage and Lost Property Offices
    Most large stations and airports have left luggage offices where you can leave your heavy luggage until it is convenient to collect it. Note the hours of operation: some are only open during normal business hours. If you lose anything at the airport or station, you may enquire at the Lost Property Office, as it may have been handed in. If you lose luggage in the street, or think it has been stolen, contact the nearest police office or police station to make your report.


How to Reach UTP


To get to our University (if you are in Kuala Lumpur):



By Express Bus


If you would like to travel by bus, you could take Express Light Rail from KLIA to KL Sentral Station in Kuala Lumpur for RM45.00 (USD12.00). From KL Sentral Station, you have to take a taxi to Puduraya Bus Station. The taxi fare is estimated at about RM12.00 (USD3.00). Once you have reached Puduraya Bus Station, you could choose Trans-City buses such as Plusliner or Transnasional, which costs RM19.00 (USD5.00) to get to Bandar Seri Iskandar and subsequently to UTP.



By Taxi


Taxi services are also available from KLIA to UTP. From KLIA, you can ask for a limousine service taxi to send you to UTP and it will cost you around RM450.00 (USD122.00) to get to UTP. Another option is to get a taxi from KL Sentral Station. These outstation taxis would cost you around RM370.00 (USD100.00) to get to UTP.


Note: All costs are approximates and may change from time to time.