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How do I register for courses?

Answer: Every semester exam unit will make announcement through e-learning and academic department on the registration date and just follow the URL links.


Who is my academic advisor?

Answer: Normally, an academic staff will be assigned to you but all of us are your advisor and you are free to talk to any of us on your academic matters.


What is a credit hour?

Answer: A credit hour is a weightage given to a course based on the number of hours per week of lectures, tutorials or laboratory week. A typical 3 credit-hour course means you have to attend 3 hour of lectures, or 2 hour of lectures plus 2 hour of tutorials/laboratory.


Where can I find the syllabus for my courses?

Answer: You can refer to your Undergraduate handbook or please feel free to contact the department.


How do I find out what books to buy for my courses?

Answer: Lecturer will advice which books to be used for the course.


How do I purchase textbooks and materials for my courses?

Answer: Most books are available at the university book store, or alternatively you can also buy the used one from your seniors.


When does the semester begin and end?

Answer: We normally start in late July until Early December and late January until end of May.

Where are my classes held?

Answer: We will assign the class to an appropriate venue depending on your class size. Typically it will be at Pocket C, Pocket D for lecture theaters and smaller rooms in Academic Block 1 and 2


How do I contact a student, staff member or professor?

Answer: Such information is available on the departmental website.


How do I access the Academic and/or University Calendar?

Answer: Normally it will be posted in the e-learning. But you do need an ID to access.


Where do I get my computer logins and passwords for on-campus computers, e-mail, and e-learning?

Answer: During MAS Week IT Department will distribute all ID to new student. For on-campus, he/she can access the computer using Guest login, no password required.


How many absences from class are allowed?

Answer: The attendance requirement is 90% and you have to show a proof of MC in the case of medical leave

If you have any other questions about Civil department contact our

Program Head
Assoc Prof Ir Dr M Shahir Liew

Academic Executive 
Mr Ahmad Zamdi Ab Hamid