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Previous ICCOEE 2010


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The success of the previous International Conference on Sustainable Building and Infrastructure (ICSBI), held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (2010), has led the organisers to reconvene again next year at the same venue, though with different theme. The conference was well attended by a substantial group of professionals from all over the world, which underlines the concern of the international community regarding the sustainability of the built environment. The basic premise of the meeting was the need to address sustainability in building and infrastructure.


To be hosted in the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, ICCOEE2012 is an international conference with the aim to gather professionals from the domains of civil, offshore and environmental engineering to share knowledge and provide input on green technologies and current sustainable practices in the industry. With growing concerns on the grave situation of our planet Earth, global issues pertaining to climate change and mitigation of carbon emissions are high on the conference agenda. Hence this meeting is essential to pave the way for more practical sustainable solutions in numerous disciplines, particularly to increase the efficient use of resources such as energy, water and materials, thus advancing sustainability.

With the theme of “Blue Ocean, Green Action: Advancing Sustainability” ICCOEE2012 will be a platform to discuss the objective of enhancing sustainability in the framework of different disciplines in order to arrive at optimal solutions. Blue Ocean is defined as (the) untapped market space, demand creation, and the opportunity for a highly profitable growth. In Blue Ocean, competition is irrelevant and can be created by expanding and reconstructing industry boundaries. It is strongly believed that the current climate change crisis will lead to more Green Action, i.e. more research and development in green technology. This will ultimately carve a new niche area, the Blue Ocean, that will provide an avenue for advancing sustainability.


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