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Nearly 40% of the world gas reservoirs (approximately 2500 trillions cubic feet) contains high levels of CO2 andH2S that pose obstacles to development. Up to 13 trillion scubic feet of high CO2-NG gas fields remain undeveloped in Malaysia.The Development of CO2-NG separation technologies will enable monetization of high CO2-NG gas fields.The processing of high CO2-NG requires advancement of technology in pretreatment, separation, utilization,transportation and storage. The CO2 Management MOR currently focuses on separation technologies especially on adsorption, absorption, membrane, cryogenic, high gravitational separation and hybrid system including corrosion studies.There is also some fundamental work currently on-going related to CO2 utilization and transportation as shown in the diagram below:


A Leader in Technology, Research and Development for Separation of High CO2-NG.


  • To be a centre of excellence in CO2-NG separation technology for oil and gas industries.
  • To expand the frontiers of CO2-NG separation technology for the betterment of society.


Research Projects:

Material Development
Selective removal of CO2 (Solvent Absorbent, Membrane, Adsorbent)

Separation Process and Modelling

Pipeline Quality NG (Absorption, Adsorption, Membrane, Cryogenic, Supersonic Gas Separation)

Material Management towards high CO2 handling (improved alloy steel, corrosion inhibitor)



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