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Dr. Maran Marimuthu
Programme Manager
for MBA in
Energy Management

In collaboration with:

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Modules Delivery Partner

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Dear Scholars,

Thank you for your interest in our Master of Business Administration in Energy Management
(MBA-EM) programme.

The ever increasing energy demand and the threat of fast depleting energy resources in recent times have caused concerns on sustainable energy supply worldwide. Under these circumstances, the oil, gas and energy industry domestically and globally faces with the urgent need for managers and professionals who are not only competent in managing their businesses but who are also visionary leaders capable of driving their energy businesses in a sustainable manner in tandem with the challenging environment. The offering of a Master of Business Administration in Energy Management programme is expected to become a very apt solution to develop visionary leaders for the energy industry.

I respect your consideration to enrol in the MBA-EM programme and we sincerely hope that you will apply for it and subsequently be a scholar in the programme.

Obviously, the decision to enrol in the MBA-EM programme will not be easy for you as it will involve making financial investment as well as personal sacrifices on leisure and family time for the classes.

Nevertheless, we vow to work hard and go the extra miles to ensure that our MBA-EM programme will deliver a rewarding return on investment to you; in that the knowledge gained and experience obtained throughout the programme will be one that is memorable and of great value to your professional and personal life.

Looking forward to seeing you in the MBA-EM class.

Thank you!



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