The vision of the MOR is for UTP to be internationally recognized as an institution that excels in EOR R&D.


To develop and improve EORmethods that will increaserecovery factor to at least 75% by 2020.


The Centre of Research in EOR was established in 2009 to promote excellencein EOR research that mostly addresses the needs of industry and to managelaboratory services for the MOR. CSI and SEACARL are centres within theMOR that focus on geology related research.


Research projects are in the form of short term, contract research,multimillion ringgit PRF funds, internally funded research that rangedfrom RM25,000 to RM500,000 and research using other funds such asinternational funds, funds from companies and the Malaysian governmentagencies.

The following are among the various investigations that are on-going:

  • Reservoir characterisation, Rock-fluid interactions, (wettability,capillarity etc.) fluid-fluid interactions (emulsions, precipitation etc)improving sweep efficiencies (relative permeability modification,injection strategies, change in viscosity and viscoelasticity etc.) ,increasing miscibilities, reduction of IFT,
  • Simulation and modelling (EOS, micromodels etc.)
  • Screening of chemicals for various functions (for reducing IFT,increasing miscibilities, improving mobility ratio, producing stableemulsions, stable foams etc.), optimisation of chemical synthesis
  • Materials (high temperature injection wells, corrosion effects ontubingsetc)

These topics are meant for applications in the studies of WAG, gas & CO2flooding, Chemical EOR, wellbore technology, unconventional processesand thermal processes. The importance of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has beenrecognized by the Malaysian Government as can be seenby the selection of EOR to be one of the major EPP 9, underthe Oil & Gas NKEA in 2011. The University has formedthe Mission Oriented Research (MOR) in EOR in 2006and therefore, it is in a good position to provide skills andexpertise in the area. Research in the area has continuouslyexpanded at UTP since 2006. Most EOR research projectsare conducted by the petroleum engineering staff and thetopics are mostly conventional topics such as subsurfacefluid flow, rock fluid interactions etc. We have also seenincreasing interests from non-petroleum engineeringresearching EOR chemicals, application of waves, advancedmaterials among others.





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